Rock Adams B.S., CPT, NASM

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26 Years as a personal trainer makes me unique in a career that averages 4.5 years

Owner/ Personal Trainer / Nutrition Consultant


Phone: 970-581-7424

I am a career personal trainer who got his start in bodybuilding and power lifting. Over the last 24 years, my training career has changed from exclusively physical, to:

  • structural restoration
  • pain reduction
  • post rehabilitation services
  • post cardiac rehab facilitation
  • Christ centered coaching.

The principles of human function, regardless of the goals are similar. If we wish to improve, we have to be willing to change our behaviors and belief systems that surround those behaviors in order to effect lasting change. One physiological truth is that the human body never loses the ability to utilize fat for energy and therefore we always have the power to get leaner. I seek to guide my clientele through the decisions necessary to eliminate pain both emotionally and physically. If the image you see in the mirror causes discomfort, I will be there to help you change it.

The process is to first understand why and then to take the steps to empower you to reach the goal that you set. With a genuine concern for the well being of others, and a heart for the ministry of health, I am a unique anomaly in the fitness world. Come do a free interview and see if there is a way in which I can help you.

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