Rebecca Adams, CMT, NMT

Rebecca Gutersohn Adams CMT, NMT, LT

Neuromuscular Therapy inspires healing in ways that conventional massage cannot.

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I am a Colorado native and attended CSU before getting a CMT degree at the Healing Arts Institute, followed by certifications in resort and sports massage. I then pursued a degree in Neuromuscular Therapy In St. John Institute. I had the privilege of working with the rehab side of Orthopedic Center of The Rockies when it was Health South for three years and have been in the Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) business for 30 years and love helping people with body awareness, improvement in function and changing of patterns that cause pain and breakdown in function. NMT is correcting neuromuscular patterns and movement through DEEP tissue manipulation of muscle, organs, tendon and ligaments. I have training with The Bach Flowers as well, which can help treat emotional components that cause pain.

Treatment that simply feels good and is relaxing fails to address the dysfunction or pain patterns that we have created over our lifetimes. I work to correct the problems that create injuries, and if injured restore balance so healing can occur. Our Bodies have the ability to heal itself when given the right kinds of help.

We are WHOLE beings; emotional, physical and spiritual, so it is important to treat the whole body and not just address the localized pain as if nothing else could be a cause or have an effect on our whole being.

I was trained as a Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) and received a degree in massage, sports and resort therapy and continued my education with 9 courses with Paul ST.John neuromuscular therapy, the founder of NMT work. I have combined my training into a work that I believe uses all that I know. My training has included;

  • Organ manipulation
  • TMJ dysfunction
  • Eye treatments and cranial sacral work
  • Practiced in prenatal massage, infants after birth trauma and essential oils.

My first job was with Asics SHOES working with the international Japanese marathon team as a team therapist. I owned and operated A TOUCH OF HEALTH clinic in the PVH plaza for five years. I was an independent contractor with HEALTHSOUTH and worked with the Orthopedic center of the Rockies team for three years specializing in pre and post surgery treatments. The rest of my time has been in a home office and now here at the .

I am a mom of a amazing three year old girl and feel blessed to be on this path that God has laid out for my husband and I. We truly hope we can serve you from the inside out and help you become healthier and more fulfilled on your journey!

Information about ST JOHN NMT

Restoring proper structure and bio-mechanics not only alleviate pain, but can positively affect a variety of physiological conditions. One of the neurological laws that is the basis for Integrative Neurosomatic Therapy is Wolff's law. Simply stated, Wolff's law states “form follows function and function follows form." Thus, a distortion in the form of the body is often correlated to improper function of the body. For example, a slouching posture can decrease digestive function or a trigger point into the ear can affect hearing or balance. When proper structure is restored to the body, the accompanying physiological problems are often alleviated

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