Corporate Wellness


Corporate wellness programs are taking off because they not only save the employer a great deal of money on insurance premiums, wellness increases morale and productivity within any organization.

’s corporate wellness program is designed to do much more than that:

  • We come to you and design the programs around the needs of your staff and what assets and facilities are available.
  • We meet the schedule that benefits your staff with the least amount of disruption from the daily grind.
  • Assess pain patterns produced by long days in front of a desk and develop plans to eliminate pain and discomfort that hinder productivity.
  • Our staff works to ease tension and provide friendly and principled relationship with your staff in order to make wellness something they will look forward to.
  • Design stretching programs to prevent the increase of postural dysfunction and increased pain.
  • We call heavily on the information provided by Pete Egosque in “Pain Free At Your PC”. He is one of the most well respected physical therapists in this field.
  • Our staff includes 20+ year veterans in the field of personal training, massage therapy, Muscle Activation Therapy, core training, military boot camps and nutrition counseling.

Let the professional and experienced staff at come to your place of work and demonstrate what we can do to help your employees thrive while at the same time saving you money! Contact us by phone (970) 225-BODY(2639) or email us at

Corporate wellness can include the benefits of:

  • Reduced Absenteeism; At DuPont, each dollar invested in workplace health promotion yielded $1.42M in lower absenteeism costs over a 2 year period. American Journal of Public Health, September 1990
  • Reduced Health Care Claims; Sony Corp. of America analyzed claims data from 1988 to 1990 and found that 50% of its indemnity plan costs were incurred by employees with medical conditions that were lifestyle-related, or that could be changed. Employee Benefits Plan Review, January 1992
  • Reduced Employee Turnover; British Columbia Hydro electric's wellness program participants had an annual turnover rate of 3.5%, compared to a company-wide average of 10.3%. Benefit of Employee Health Programs, Cigna, 1991
  • Improved Productivity and Morale; NASA reported a 12.5% increase in productivity in their fitness program participants versus non-participants. They also found that participants were able to improve their work performance as well as enhance their concentration and decision-making powers. Company Employee Fitness Programs, The Association for Fitness in Business, 1991

Overall Return on Investment Since 1980 there have been over 50 studies of comprehensive worksite health promotion and disease prevention programs. Every study has indicated positive health outcomes. And of the more than 30 which were analyzed for cost outcomes, 29 proved to be cost effective.



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