Brady Butler

Brady Butler                  NASM
fort collins gym, fort collins personal trainer, gym fort collins, massage therapy fort collins, nutrition fort collins, the body fort collins, health, gym membership, fitness, fitness center, gym, Loveland Colorado, Windsor Colorado, Northern Colorado, Physical Therapy,I believe that fitness coaching should be much more than just prescribing some exercises for you to do a couple times a week. Fitness coaching is not giving you the same program as every other client. A true fitness coach offers you professional and individualized services that take into account all aspects of your life in order to create a comprehensive program that will get you to and THROUGH your goals. I have earned a degree in Sports Performance and Fitness, as well as worked in a clinical research laboratory, all while spending the last 10 years learning everything I could about physiology, anatomy, nutrition, hormones, training parameters, and all things body-related. From pain management, to weight loss, to increasing your performance both on and off the field, I have the experience and the knowledge and the PASSION to ensure that no matter what your goal is, we will get there. As your fitness coach, I will dedicate myself both to your progress and your education on how to maintain the progress we make. No goal is too large to attain, I’ll bring the plan and you bring the effort!

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